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The Bear Necessities

June 13th, 2017

This bear is sure going to need a teeth cleaning after all the sweet treats he got into!

Pointers on Oral Hygiene

April 23rd, 2017

It is very important to keep a regular routine for brushing your teeth and caring for your dental hygiene. Sometimes this is hard because you are constantly on the go. A few tips for this would be to keep floss with you in your purse. It doesn't hurt to carry a toothbrush and travel size toothpaste with you all at times as well. You never know when you'll need it! If you don't have a toothbrush on you, try to chew sugarless gum or even just rinse out your mouth. Remember, brushing at least two times a day and flossing each day should be your regular routine. If you struggle keeping a routine such as that, try these tips so that you can boost your oral hygiene.

Oral Symptoms and Signs of Leukemia

April 22nd, 2017

Dentists can diagnose many different things just by examining your mouth. One thing they can help diagnose is leukemia. Leukemia is a bone marrow cancer that affects your blood cells. There are signs and symptoms that lead to the diagnoses of this disease. If gums are very intensely red and inflamed this could be a sign. Sources also say that the gums become almost spongy as well. Although these signs could lead to a diagnoses of leukemia, it certainly does not always mean that you have leukemia if you have these symptoms. If you are struggling with these symptoms, it is a good idea to make an appointment to see your dentist as soon as possible as you don't know what these symptoms could mean.

Why are Baby Teeth Important

April 6th, 2017

You end up loosing all your baby teeth anyways right? So why is it so important to keep them healthy? Baby teeth are important for many reasons. The biggest reason to have children take care of their baby teeth is because it teaches them good oral hygiene habits at a young age. Once these habits are instilled into them, they will continue with the habit hopefully forever. Another reason why baby teeth are so important is because they make room for your permanent teeth to come in. If it weren't for your baby teeth, your permanent teeth would come in incorrectly and misaligned causing serious dental issues. And lastly, think about how hard it would be to speak properly without any teeth. At a young age, children are learning to speak and pronounce words so it would be very hard for them to learn correctly if they were missing their needed baby teeth. It is very important to keep baby teeth healthy because as you can see, they are very important to young children. Baby teeth should not be lost until they are ready to come out due to a permanent tooth coming in.

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